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A lot of people have written to us about baccarat and the notorious commission. It’s such an important part of the game that we’ve decided to dedicate an entire article about it so that you don’t walk into this hidden baccarat pitfall.

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Now, first of all, baccarat is an amazing game. We just cannot wait for VR technology to run its course so that we too can play a session in uncomparably luxurious Monte Carlo – or the digital version thereof (which, to be honest, should be even cooler!). Let’s just say there’s a reason why baccarat attracts the rich and the famous alike, not to mention royalties.

If you want to play baccarat online, should give you a good guideline of where to play and what to think about. It’s a good guide that we use ourselves. Most of all, they are good at sniffing out good bonuses as well as new baccarat games in virtual town.

Baccarat live is a high stakes game. The house edge is low (meaning that the RTP is in the high 98 range). That aside, one too many amateurs make one cardinal mistake – one that ends up costing them a fair bit, and that’s exactly what we’ll discuss in this dedicated baccarat article.

Now, whenever you bet at baccarat you have three choices and three choices only. Either, you may bet on the banker, the player or for there to be a baccarat tie. The latter offers horrendous odds and should under no circumstances ever be bet on (unless you hate money and want to separate from it).

This leaves us with two options and two options only at baccarat: player or banker. For once you have put your money on the line, there is nothing else for you to do, for baccarat is conducted according to strict, preset rules.

But here the thing … whenever you bet on the banker and win, the casino will deduct a 5 percent commission prior to paying out your cut. This means that if you have bet C$100 on the banker at baccarat and you win, you will get back your bet plus another C$95 profit.

The reason why the house takes a commission cut at baccarat is because the banker bet statistically winds more often than does the player bet. As you get your money back on a tie, the casino needs to compensate for this imbalance, by which they take a cut to even things out.

The one thing that people are unfortunately oblivious to is that the 5 percent commission also comes at a minimum amount, usually C$1. This means that as long as you bet 1/0,05 = C$20 on the banker, you’re fine. Any baccarat bet on the banker of less than C$20, however, and your commission will automatically equate to more than 5%.

How’s that then? Well, if you bet C$10 on the banker bet at baccarat and win, you will still pay the minimum of C$1, which is such case would eat up 10% of your profit instead of 5%. Unfortunately, many baccarat players are not aware of this. As long as you bet on the player at baccarat, you can bet however small you want to as it pays 1:1, as in without any baccarat commission. This whole baccarat article rather comes down to the banker bet, nothing else. If you ever take the banker bet at baccarat at a casino online, then by all means make sure it is at least 20 times as high as the minimum commission amount. You may thank us later …


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